Sunday, December 17, 2017

Class Champions List

Class winners list - Jacket sizes need verified

Congratulations to all of our 2017 winners.


Listed here are the MX and HS class winners.  I want to make sure I have the correct sizes.

If there is a NL listed that means I have no size for you at all.


Please email Peggy at with corrections by Dec 22nd.


Mason Atherton AM
Steven Barchalk AL
Jeffrey Barley AXXL
Jamin Brown YL
Rick Brown AXL
Brian Cappelli AXXL
Tristan J. Cecelic AS
Jaydin Centofanti YXL
Rob Collins AXL
Catrina Crump YXL
Curtis Crump AXL
Malia Crump AS

Jesse Fiorita AL
Jason Flaviano AXL
Mason George AM
Jake Glass AM
Tyler Greggs AXL
Brian Guinter AXL
Jake Handrosh YM
John Handrosh AL
Brody Hoon AM
Andrew Johnston AS
Josh Knox AL
Collin Loucks AXL
Tim Mazzella Jr AXXL
Chris Mc Anallen AM
Jacob Mc Pherson YL
Devin Neal AM
Grant Nezbeth AXL
Bella Palermo AS
Maurice Saikaly AXL
Byron Smith AXL
Blaine Spitler AS
Larry Root AXL
Cooper Terdina YL
Gage Thompson AL
Jesse Tierney AL
Daniel Tuckosh AXL
Troy Uber YM
Joseph A. Vanditti AM
Wesley Wertz AL
Jacob Williams AXL
Justin Willis NL
John Wood AS
Landyn Yunker YM


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