2022 CRA Sunoco Series Winners List

General Motocross

Here is the list of 2022 CRA Sunoco series Winner list. Next to each name is the clothing size that was listed on your CRA member application. IF your sizes has changed, please notify the CRA By December 10 of the correct size. by email at racecra@windstream.com or text 440-463-5956. PLEASE include the name of the series where the size needs to be corrected. Congratulations to all of the winnners!

Madalyn Andrews  AXL

Jeffrey Barley X 3 AXXL

Alyssa Barnhart  AL

Gary Barnhart Jr.  AL

Troy Barnhart  AL

Roman Baronin YS

Gavin Bower  YS

Kyle Ellks  AL

Theron Garwood  YM

Justin Halicki  AL

Jake Handrosh  YM

John Handrosh  AL

Utah Maurer x 2  YS

Kyle Mc Nabb X 2  AL

Hayden Miller X 2  YM

Cameron Philson AS

Braydon Rader X2  YM

Raymond Rhodes  N/L

Zachary Riemer X 2 YM

Dylan Stewart  AM

Riley Stevenson X 2  AM

Ryley Wright  YM