HS – Big Game – part of the Triathlon

Big Game Triathlon:

You can race one, two or all three events.  ( Motocross -Saturday/ Flat Track – After MX  / Harescramble -on Sunday)

Riders competing in all 3 will receive an addition 10 points added to his or her yearly points total

Riders MUST remain in their classification A/B/C for all events

1st place winners with classes having 6 riders per class will be awarded a 6 foot trophy

Contact Big Game for more information.

Big Game Raceway


Contact: Curtis or Sonya

Big Game HS track: 2601 Elmwood Drive Ext,  Hubbard, OH 44425


HS Start times and arrow colors

9:00 AM Mini Bikes -White Backgrounds with Red arrow

10:00 AM Pee Wee Bikes – Yellow backgrounds with Black arrow

10:45 AM Big Bikes – Pink background Black Arrow

1:00 PM Mini Quads- Yellow backgrounds with Black arrow

2:00 PM Big Quads – Pink background Black Arrow

You should be signed up one half hour prior to your start time