Year End Award Information

General Harescramble Motocross

Attention 2020 CRA award winners and all CRA members.

In an effort to give our 2020 yearend and series award winners the recognition they deserve,

The CRA promoters have decided to move forward with an award ceremony.

This small, socially distancing gathering (with food and non-alcoholic beverage) will be held on Saturday February 6th in Hubbard, Ohio

The location address and times will be provided at a later date. But soon.

This indoor/outdoor tented event will not be of the size we have all come to know.  But we are making every effort to provide a fun and safe environment.

We will have a few small raffles including a 50/50 drawing.

Here is what we need from you, our award winners:

If you plan on attending you will need to make a reservation by calling the CRA at 330-534-7958.  We will need your name and the number of people attending.

Tickets are $20.00 per person and will be paid at the “gate” that day – no mailing of checks that may never arrive. (Like some Christmas gifts!)

All reservations need to be made by January 25 so the caterer can prepare food.  If you decide to come to the event without reservation, there is not guarantee for the meal

The Buckeye, Sunoco and sCRAm-x series were posted last month on the CRA web site.  We had asked to have riders’ sizes corrected by January 1.

Yearend award winners – your results have been posted and our class champions check your sizes, we are on a short deadline at this point. You will NOT be notified by mail this year. If your size listed is wrong contact Peggy at ASAP

If you have a points question email Peggy at ASAP changes cannot be made after January 10th

If you are unable to attend or do not feel comfortable attending, your awards will be held for you for pick up until May 1st – we will let you know where to pick them up at.

Let the phone calls begin!! 

Please follow CDC guidelines.  If you are sick – stay home.  If you or someone you have been with has been affected by COVID-19 please stay home and stay safe!