Motocross Competition Classes

Motocross Competition Classes

Bike size determines classification. Some tracks may offer classes not listed in this book and are non points paying classes. Each track is individually owned and operated. Riders should not compromise scholastic sports (high school or college) by accepting monetary awards.

50cc Pee Wee Classes:

50cc Junior Single 0-51cc Ages 4-6

50cc Senior Single 0-51cc Ages 7-8

Minicycle Classes:

65cc 52-65cc Ages 7-12

85cc Junior 2 stroke 79-85cc 4 stroke 75-125cc 0-85cc * Ages 9-12

        *Small wheel only

 85cc Senior 2 stroke 79-85cc, 4 stroke 75-150cc* Ages 13-15

        *Small wheel only

Youth Classes:

Super Mini 2-stroke 79-112cc., 4-stroke 75-150cc Ages 10-16

Schoolboy 122-250cc Ages 12-16 No 250 2-Stroke

        No “A class, Money Class, “or Pro class” racers allowed.

Motorcycle Classes:

Women 99cc-250cc Ages 13+                

2-stroke 100-250cc Ages 12+                Vet Plus 30 122 cc – Open Ages 30 Plus

250 B 122-250cc Ages 12+  Senior Plus 40 122 cc – Open Ages 40 Plus     250 C 122-250cc Ages 12+ Senior Plus 50 122cc -Open Ages 50 Plus     Open A 122cc-open Ages 16+  Bomber 20 year & older machine                   

Open B 251cc-open Ages 14+ 

Open C 251cc-open Ages 14+                 

 Collegeboy 122cc-open Ages 17-24 



A- Advanced

B- Intermediate

C- Beginner/Novice

Front Wheel Minimum 18”, Front Wheel Maximum 23”

Rear Wheel Minimum 17”, Rear Wheel Maximum 23”

Minimum Wheel Base 51”

A rider may not win a year end championship

by only participating at one track.

QUAD Motocross Classes

Mini Quad:

Quad 50  *Production Class 0-50cc Ages 8 & under

Quad 70  *Production Class 50-70cc Ages 11 & under

Quad 90  *Production Class 70-150cc Ages 14 and under

Mini Open Quad  70/90/150 Shifter mods Ages 8-15

      No Auto or CVT Quads

Regular Quads:

Quad Schoolboy 200-350cc; 0-200c 2 stroke, 0-350cc 4 stroke Ages 12-16

      No Auto or CVT quads

Quad A / Expert 250cc-Open Ages 16+

Quad B 250cc-Open Ages 16+

Quad C (Woodsman*) 250cc-Open Ages 16+

Open Quad Ages 16+ 250cc-Open No Woodsman Permitted

Women (125cc – Open)

Quad Vet 250cc – Open Ages 30+

*see definition of Woodsman on page 11 of the Rulebook

A rider may not win a year end championship

by only participating at one track.