Let’s go racing!!!!


With everything slowly opening back up in the US, the CRA would like to go back to racing. Pymatuning will hold an MX event on Saturday May 23 (add on to schedule – check under the schedule for starting times) and Lightning will hold his MX event scheduled for Sunday May 24th. Big Game will hold the first Fly Racing sCRAm-x event on Sunday May 31. Along the way, the CRA will add additional events where possible. For example Salem MC has already added a HS event on August 30, 2020 and it will be a Buckeye Series race. So, Let’s go racing!!!

Please remember social distancing – – if you are sick STAY HOME! A mask may be necessary at some tracks. Bring your own pen for sign up, Bring exact change for gate and entry fee’s We want fun and safe events