2023 Buckeye Series Winners

General Harescramble

Here is a list of the 2023 Buckeye Series winners Remember you needed to race 5 of the 6 events to be eligible for an award. Awards given to the top 3 riders per class. Please check the size listed next to your name. Corrections needed by December 28th. If N/L is listed, we have no size for you! Email [email protected] or text 440-463-5956 Please, NO FACEBOOK POST FOR SIZES

Jamin Brown AM   

Rick Brown   AXL

Anthony Burbick AL          

Richard Burbick AXL         

Kolton Csuhta AXL 

Jason Diver   AL

John Diver    YM

Dylan Douglass  AXL         

Derek Duvall YL      

Logan Duvall  AS    

Robert Eschen  AXXL        

Nolen Gerber YM  

Brian Guinter AXL  

Cody Javens AL

Shawn Javens AXL 

Jase Jenkins YL

Harry Jones  AXL

Tallen Jones  AM

Ryker Jones  YL

Kaleb Keltz   AL

Alexis Kirby  AS

Josh Kirkpatrick AXL         

Roger Nicholas AM

Dain Oliver   AL

Joe Powers   AL

Trey Povenski YM  

Branson Porter  AM

Bradley Scarsella AM

Kevin Short  AXL

Braelyn Spellman N/L       

Cody Viola    AL

Shane Viola  AL

Maisen Weaver YL Courtney Uebelacker AS