2023 Team Series Winners


Here is a list of the 2023 Team Series winners Remember you needed to race 4 of the 5 events to be eligible for an award. Each team was allowed 1 substitute. Please check the size listed next to your name. Corrections needed by December 28th. If N/L is listed we have no size for you! Email [email protected] or text 440-463-5956 Please, NO FACEBOOK POST FOR SIZES

Ironman Bike:

Clayton Dressler  N/L

Mike Dressler N/L

Open Bike:

Jordan Ringer AXL / Codi WeIsel AL / Jonny Davis AXXL

Open C Bike:

Dain Oliver AL / Derek Oliver AL

Sr I Bike:

Matthew Bennett AXL / Harry Jones AXL

Family Bike:

Anthony Burbick AL / Richard Burbick AXL

Kyle Rudrick AXL / Jeff Rudrick AL

Money Quad:

Brayden Shick AM / Bruan M Foltz AL

Open B Quad:

Geno Fraticelli AM / Trip Marino AM

Sr. Quad:

Tim Mazzella Jr AXXL / Jason Flaviano  AL

Family Quad:

Cody Viola AL / Shane Viola AL